#616 - Ebola Outbreak, Monrovia area road network

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  • Author: HOT
  • Mapping for: Red Cross
  • Priority: High

PRIORITY in Monrovia - See the polygon

Various organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), Doctors Without Borders (DWB/MSF) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) are deploying for the Ebola epidemic going on there. More detailed basemap data (roads, villages, streets) is needed to assist in the response.


There is a resurgence of the Ebola outbreak, and a risk of the epidemic spreading with the multiplication of sites of infection. There are difficulties, including in forests of Sierra Leone with tracing the point of contact and delivering the message to the population about the infection. The World Health Organization (WHO), DWB/MSF (MSF) or the Red Cross (redcross) are deploying in Sierra Leone where various sites have been identified.

Created by AndrewBuck - Updated - Priority: medium


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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

2014 West Africa Ebola Response
Wiki Coordination Page

Please map in all roads and residential landuse in the area using bing imagery.

Map roads (dirt roads) and smaller paths for as far as you can follow them. Tag roads according to the Highway Tag Africa wiki page. Most roads connecting villages should either be unclassified or tertiary with only occasional small clusters of isolated houses being connected to the road network by a path (only use path if it would be too small to even drive a 4x4 vehicle on).

Also trace landuse=residential around clusters of houses and mark large open areas (not fields, just smooth open ground next to towns) as leisure=common as these are potential helicopter landing sites. Another common and useful feature to tag is school areas, easily identified as 1 or 2 long builidngs at the edge of the village often with two small toilet buildings behind them. The schools are almost always accompanied by a large open area for the children to play in, tag the whole area of the school complex with amenity=school and trace the school buildings and bathrooms (don’t worry about the buildings in the rest of the town for now).

Note that for some areas, clouds will obscure the view. In these areas, do your best. We will revise the mapping of these areas when new imagery is available.

Save with credit to HotOSM. Comment the changeset with: Sierra Leone, #hotosm-ebola-sl-616

And use the following source tag either on the objects you create or on the changeset itself (if using JOSM): source=Bing

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