#889 - URISA: Martins Bay (buildings)

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This project is suitable for new mappers

In an effort to expand the missing maps community, URISA will hold a Mapathon during their 8th annual Caribbean GIS Conference between the 5th and 8th September 2016.

The task will focus on building the skills of new mappers in an area known to them to get a taste for what the Missing Maps is about and the confidence to map another day.

Note: It is assumed that users already have an Open Street Map account which will be required prior to editing OSM in the Tasking Manager. If you don't have an OSM account when reading this please get one.

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When saving your work, please leave the default comment but add what you actually mapped, for example "added buildings and a residential road".

This project will focus on mapping buildings only in conjunction with the standard Bing Imagery. The steps to follow are as below:

  1. Select a task to edit in the HOT tasking manager and click Start Mapping
  2. Select edit with iD editor
  3. Spend a few moments going through the walkthrough then click Start Mapping
  4. Search within your task for buildings that haven't been mapped and digitise them (try to be as accurate as you can )
  5. All the buildings should be tagged with one of the following:
    • building = residential
    • building = commercial
    • building = hotel
    • if you'd like further information on the tags you can find detailed descriptions on the wiki page
  6. Make sure you save your edits often
  7. Once you think you've mapped all the buildings in your task go back to your tasks.hotosm.org page^, and click mark task as done (if you think there are still more buildings to map simply click stop mapping)
  8. That's it!

You can now select another task and map some more buildings!

^ Note: you can enter a comment explaining anything you've missed, or whether you've mapped anything that would be useful for the next person to look over the same area

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